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For Better Understanding Use These Expository Essay Examples

Unfortunately for many students, an expository essay is not easy to understand "essay writing service". The thing is that high schools don’t really focus on these types of essays and because of that students suffer in colleges. Because, of course, you will be asked to write at least one expository essay in high school. But, why is it so confusing?

The problem is that many people don’t realize that there are many types of expository essays.

Because of this, students often get confused and are unable to understand the concept of an expository essay.

Which is exactly why I am here. I have brought to you a few expository essay examples that will help explain the different concepts to you. Just have a look at them.

Here they are:

Example #1: Cause and Effect Essay

Among the many vices of high school, bullying can be considered as a top contender. The causes and effects of bullying is a subject which needs further exploration. This paper will discuss the causes of bullying and the effects it has on teenagers.

One of the major causes of bullying is that it serves as an outlet of bullies to take out their anger and frustration. Studies have shown that many children struggle a great deal in high schools. If a person does not have a positive outlet for their anger then they are likely to take it out on an innocent victim.

Another reason for bullying is that many children wish to raise their social status in high school. Many children have rather high self-esteem. They genuinely believe that they are better than others and show dominance to display their superiority.

However, the problem is that the effects of bullying can be fatal and long-lasting. Victims of bullying often feel alone and isolated. They alienate themselves from the world around them and tend to believe that being bullied is their fault. This can lead to them having issues of low self-esteem which can later transform into depression, anxiety or both.

Conclusively, bullying can be caused by many reasons. It can serve as an outlet for the bully or can be used to raise their social status. Its effects include feelings of isolation, guilt and low self-esteem. It can also cause anxiety or depression. Hence, this is an epidemic that needs to be controlled.

Example #2: Problem and Solution Essay

Teenage pregnancy is a topic that has long been under debate. Many consider teenage pregnancy to be a serious problem due to the effects it has on teenagers. This essay will discuss teen pregnancy as a problem and offer up a few solutions.

Teenage pregnancy has been considered to be a problem for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it has a negative impact on the education of teenagers, especially the girl carrying the child. In most cases, these children have to leave school and look for jobs to support the child.

Secondly, it also affects the health of the parents who are children themselves. Giving birth can be taxing on the health of a teenager while taking care of the child adds a level of responsibility that the parents are not ready for. This can lead to mental health problems as well.

However, teen pregnancy can easily be prevented. Teenagers should be educated on the subject of having sexual intercourse and sex education should be made a compulsory course. Furthermore, teenagers should also be provided with free birth control so that these occurrences of teenage pregnancy can be minimized.

In conclusion, teen pregnancy can have serious effects on a teenager’s life. It can lead to dropping out of high school and looking for permanent jobs without proper education. It also leads to serious mental and physical health problems, which is why sex education should be made compulsory and teenagers should be provided with birth control.

Example #3: Compare and Contrast Essay

Many children grow up reading fantasy books like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and others from the same genre. As these books are written for the same audience, they have plenty of similarities but it should be noted that they also have major differences. These similarities and differences will be explored in this essay.

The similarities between these two books series are not limited. Both of these books are written for a young audience. Both books feature a very young protagonist. Both the protagonists are male characters who are supported by a knowledgeable female and a goofy best friend. Moreover, both books follow the theme of “the chosen one”.

However, it may come as a surprise that these two series are more different than they are alike. Firstly, Percy Jackson borrows from the stories of the real word while Harry Potter does not. The Percy Jackson series focuses on Greek Mythology which is an element of this world while Harry Potter is set in a world that is more fictional.

Secondly, the Percy Jackson series is far ahead of Harry Potter when it comes to the representation of minorities. The series includes characters that are black, brown, Latino, white, bisexual, gay and so on "essay writer". On the other hand, characters in Harry Potter are mostly white and heterosexual which means that it lacks diversity. Conclusively, it can be seen that while both these series are written for a young audience, they have key differences. Percy Jackson borrows heavily from the real world and is far more diverse than its counterpart.

Not Helping?

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