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Expository Essay Outline on "Why Parents are Sometimes Strict” - Writing Guide

Have you ever heard of an expository essay? This type of essay is not quite as well known as the others but it is not that tough. Just because a thing is unknown that does not mean that it is bad. It can turn out to be quite good. You just need to give it a chance. So, an expository essay is really not that different from the others that you may have written. It just has certain elements that are different from normal essays but that is the case with most essays " essay writer ". An argumentative essay is different from a persuasive one but they follow the same structure. But, I understand how confusing new things can be. This is why I have written an expository essay outline on a topic that is interesting and easy to understand. Just study this outline to understand how this type of essay is written.

Once you do that, you won’t have a problem tackling expository essays.


Hook: Strict parenting is known to cause a number of behavioral problems in their children.

Context: In this portion, you will need to explain the context of the situation. You can talk about the ways in which most parents are strict. This should not take more than 3 to 4 lines.

Thesis: This essay tries to analyze the reasons for parental strictness.


First Body Paragraph

Claim #1: Most parents are strict with their children so that they can instill a certain amount of discipline in them.

Evidence #1: The best example of this claim is the way parents set certain limits for their children. 

Evidence #2: Children are only allowed to watch television for a few hours, they have a specific bedtime and they are not allowed to eat more than a limited amount of sweets.

Analysis: Here you can talk about how these limits ensure that children do not trespass certain boundaries and learn to control themselves.

Transition: However, this is not the only reason for parental strictness. 

Second Body Paragraph

Claim #2: Parents are also strict with their children because the parents believe that they are doing what is best for their children.

Evidence #1: Parents usually stop their children from mingling with a certain type of crowd. They also step forward to stop the friendships that they think might be harmful to their children.

Evidence #2: When confronted about these issues, most parents reply with something similar to “I know what's best for you” or “I know better about these sorts of things”.

Analysis: In here, you must discuss how these efforts show that parents truly do care for their children. Also, that their actions do not come from a place of malice but one of love.

Transition: But the most important reason for parental strictness is something else entirely.

Third Body Paragraph

Claim #3: The biggest reason for parental strictness is that parents want to correct the mistakes of their children and shape them into a better person.

Evidence #1: Parents always have a habit of correcting their children. They tend to admonish their children on bad or incorrect behavior.

Evidence #2: Sentences like “don’t touch that” or “stop saying that” are commonly heard in households with strict parents.

Analysis: You need to explain how in the mind of a parent, this behavior is linked with becoming a better person. The logic is that if a parent corrects a child’s mistake, that behavior will not be repeated which will make the child a better individual.


Summary: In conclusion, it has become clear that parents are strict for many reasons. Parents can be strict to enforce discipline among their children or because they believe that they are doing the best thing for their children "essay writing service". They can also be strict because they wish to make their children into the best people they can be.

Significance: Discuss how this is significant. Talk about the impact it has on the life of a child.

Call-to-Action: Parents need to be made aware of the negative impact they are having on their children while discussions among parents and children must be encouraged.

Point to be Noted!

  • You can present more than two pieces of evidence but try to present at least two.
  • Only one piece of evidence can damage the authenticity of the argument.
  • The claim must be stated clearly.
  • You must leave enough room for a thorough analysis.
  • Do not restate your argument in the analysis.
  • Use transition words and sentences to structure the essay.
  • There is no need for a transition in the last body paragraph.
  • There can be more than 3 body paragraphs but not less.
  • A clear thesis is essential to developing good arguments.
  • Talk about the significance of your topic to lend it some credibility.
  • Only include a call-to-action when it is relevant.

Outline, not Enough?

While an outline does work in most cases, sometimes you can't seem to grasp the way in which you will write your essay. Maybe you are going through a writer's block. Maybe it is something else entirely. Whatever the case may be, I have a solution that will work one hundred percent. Just look for a writing company online. They will write you a brilliant expository essay that will include all the details that you ask for. And if you don't want to think up the details then just ask the writer to do it. Once you get the essay, you can write your own.

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